Outreach and Advocacy

Our Modern Elders—We work to move employers away from the perception of older workers as the “Silver Tsunami”, or “Baby Boomers” or even “Perennial Workers.” Our 45+ workers are our “Modern Elders,” a tern coined by Arbnb’s Chip Conley. Modern Elders who have excelled in their fields, love life long learning, and embrace smart technology.  y shutting them out of the professional workforce, we lose continuity, wisdom, and experience. Their loss is Baltimore and Maryland’s loss

Getting the word out—BJHSG has been represented at the following events:

  • JHU Social Innovation Lab Bootcamp
  • Elijah Cummings Annual Job Fair
  • Strong City Baltimore Neighborhood Institute
  • JCA AARP 50+ Job Fair in Bethesda
  • BOOM Conference 2018, Silver Spring
  • WorkBaltimore (2017, 2018)
  • ImpactHub Baltimore

The current BJHSG director has made presentations at the annual conferences of these professional associations:

  • Maryland Counseling Association
  • Maryland Career Development Association
  • MidAtlantic Career Counseling Association
  • Association for Adult Development and Aging
  • Maryland Workforce Association’s Raising the Bar
  • Pennsylvania Counseling Association


We are not a lobbying or politically active group. However, we are interested in educating our legislators about the effects of age discrimination, workplace bullying, and the types of legislation that could benefit the long term unemployed (e.g., payroll deductions for employers who hire long term unemployed worker, temporary hiring preferences for federal jobs). This is a new endeavor for BJHSG and is still under development.

We also plan to approach and engage members of the “employment ecosystem,” a term used by Deloitte. We know from experience that everyone can be a conduit to a job for someone else.

How You Can Help

Find out more about opportunities within BJHSG and upcoming events! Click below for dates and times of meetings, special events and networking opportunities and more.