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BJHSG Volunteer Positions

Advisory Board Development Coordinator and Liaison: 

This position provides a unique opportunity for someone who is interested in the nonprofit sector to gain valuable experience. The Coordinator will

assist the BJHSG group leaders to assemble an BJHSG advisory board of a variety of community stakeholders, e.g., employers, human resources professionals, career/life coaches, professors, business owners, workforce development professionals, legislators. The SEC will assist in setting up 3 virtual board meetings per year, act as project manager for special projects, and assist in fundraising and grant research and writing efforts. Work can be performed from remote location and in-person if local. Looking for 9-12 month commitment. Opportunity can be used for internship hours.

Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group Co-Leaders: 

The Corner Community Center is seeking group counselor/co-leaders for The Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group (BJHSG). Group co-leaders help to

develop and deliver content and facilitate discussions at our weekly meetings on Tuesdays, 1-2:30 pm. Co-leaders may also recommend and schedule guest speakers in consultation with the BJHSG Director. This opportunity can be tailored to meet the requirements of human services interns, counseling

practicum students, counseling interns who need group experience and LGPCs who need direct counseling hours. The BJHSG meets year-round. There will also be an opportunity to assist in creating and recruiting for a weekly evening session for potential group members who work during day hours.

Baltimore Millennial Navigators Group Co-Leaders: 

 BJHSG, is seeking group counselor/co-leaders for the Baltimore Millennial Navigators, (BMN) a job seekers support group for un(der)employed workers ages 20-40. Group leaders help to develop and deliver content and facilitate discussions at weekly meetings. This opportunity can be tailored to meet the requirements of human services interns, counseling practicum students, counseling interns who need group experience and LGPCs. BMN’s weekly meeting will take place online and a monthly in-person happy hour gathering will be organized through a fundraising site that will give the group a percentage of what members spend during the event. We plan to kick off the group with a 10-week workshop in Fall 2020. We are looking to assemble a group of leaders to review session content and assignment content and dates. Ideally, we would like to have two leaders per session available. Because the group will meet online, the leaders can decide days and times that will be the most convenient. Initially, the group was slated for Tuesdays at 6:30 pm, but this is subject to change. Sources of session content include The Growth Mindset by Dweck, Live Your Dream by Clarke, The Multigenerational Workplace by Abrams and von Frank, and Just Start! by Schlesinger, Kiefer, and Brown—to name a few.

Freedom from Workplace Bullying Week Event Chair and Committee Chairs: The Corner Community Center and the Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group would like to host a series of events during the week of October 12-18, 2020 (and plan for October 2021) in honor of Freedom from Workplace

Bullying Week. Workplace Bullying is an increasing problem in the US and around the world. This year, we would like to plan something simple for people currently experiencing workplace bullying or have in the past. Ideally, we would have 1 or 2 experts along with 1 or 2 mental health professionals. 

For 2020, which I need to begin planning now, I would like to have at least a 3 day conference with separate events for employees and employers. There would be a cost, but it would be significantly cheaper for employees. As a result, we are recruiting early for members and chairs/co-chairs of the

following committees:

• Event

• Marketing and Promotions

• Ticket Sales

• Finance

• Sponsorship

• Production and Event Set-Up

• Volunteer Recruitment

• Program

As you may know, workplace bullying is repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the targets) by one or more perpetrators. It is abusive conduct that is:

• Threatening, humiliating, or intimidating, or

• Work interference - sabotage - which prevents work from getting done, or

• Verbal abuse

We intend to increase awareness of workplace bullying in the Greater Baltimore area, informing employers how to foster healthy workplaces and empower employees to find the legal and mental health support they need.

Job Counselor/Coach: 

The primary purpose of job counselor is to work with BJHSG members helping them find gainful and meaningful employment in a career that is of their choosing. Counselors work with job seeking members only after knowing their complete employment history, barriers that they need to

overcome, and their aspirations for future work. In general, a job counselor is assigned a job seeker by a BJHSG Co-Facilitator and continues to work with the member until suitable employment is secured. Prior to beginning the formal job counseling process, counselors give each prospective member a brief overview of the BJHSG’s mission and what they can expect to receive from services. Before receiving job counseling, each member will receive a full assessment and career action plan after meeting with a BJHSG Co-facilitator. Job Counselors should plan on spending 1-2 hours per month including attendance at weekly support group meetings on Tuesdays (if possible). After an initial in-person meeting with a BJHSG coordinator, future sessions can be via a virtual platform or telephonic. This opportunity can be tailored to meet the requirement of human services interns, counseling practicum students, counseling interns who need group experience, and LGPC's who need direct counseling hours.

 Resume Coach

The Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group need writers to prepare or revise resumes. Resume writers need to be aware that potential employers may only look briefly at a resume. Therefore, they prepare an applicant's resume so that it makes a favorable impression quickly. Resume writers make sure that the resume presents the applicant's qualifications, job history, and experience in a clear and readable format. Resume writers research the best design to catch a potential employer's attention. They can set up the applicant's work experience on paper in a variety of ways. They can suggest different methods for printing resumes. Resume writers also know the correct words to use when listing the applicant's qualifications, skills, education, and job history. Many resume writers specialize in writing resumes for one type of applicant. We are looking for people familiar with entry-level, mid-level, and/or C- level employees.

Research Assistant

In addition to adding an evening support group, 2 service groups (mentoring and legislative advocacy) and 2 ancillary support groups (meditation and accountability), we would like to add an academic research component that would produce original work, synthesize information already published, promote awareness of the long term unemployment issue particularly among mental health professionals, and support the work of the legislative group, to name a few. To give a few examples of what I have in mind: 

• An ongoing annotated bibliography of books, journal article, policy briefs, reports, etc. 

• Research on the effect of long term unemployment on workers, families, children, economy, etc. 

• Materials for presentations at professional meetings of various healthcare providers and mailings 

• Collecting narratives of long term unemployed people and keeping the issue in front of the public This is not meant to be an exhaustive list--I am always open to ideas. 

Grant Writer: 

The grant writer will assist the BJHSG Director in applying for institutional support for BJHSG projects and programs. The Writer will assist in identifying, cultivating, soliciting, closing, stewarding, and reporting on grants from foundations and corporations. The Writer will work to achieve activity and revenue goals as determined by the BJHSG Director and advise on prospect research and building a pipeline of new institutional donors. Grant writing and prospect research experience helpful. Ideal for someone interested in nonprofit management.  

Special Events/Fundraising Coordinator

Under the direction of BJHSG co-leaders, the Special Events Coordinator (SEC) will assist with overseeing, planning, and coordinating events such as our Vision Board Workshops, Freedom from Workplace Bullying Seminars, National Long-Term Unemployment Webinar, and Fall and Spring Retreats, among others. The SEC will assist with recruiting, cultivating relationships, training and monitoring the work of volunteers, as well as the myriad of details that come with planning and executing an event. This position requires a person who is outgoing, detail-oriented, event-planning who can form and build relationships. Opportunity is ideal for someone who is interested in non-profit development and event planning. We are looking for 1-2 semester commitment, or at least, being able to see one event from beginning to end. 

Career Book Club Moderator

We are looking to expand the ways we engage employed, unemployed, and underemployed people, both as a source of networking as well as for those who are not sure that they want to or can attend our support groups. Book clubs are another way to engage people around the topic of work and job searching, and can include worker and job seekers of all ages. We would like to have 5-6 leaders who would read, present, and lead a discussed on 1 or 2 books per year. Initially, the book club will be monthly but may become twice a month. It is possible that two discussion could be held on one book, or a pair of books could be discussed over two sessions. We would like to hold the group at the Corner Community Center in Roland Park, where we have access to free space and parking, on a weekday evening. Generally, we would like to have two group leaders per session if possible. 

TV Pitch Person and Producer

We have an idea for a television show that turns the "shark tank" concept upside down. We need help pitching the program to local media, writing, finding sponsors and local businesses to participate. Our working title is “Calibraica.” This opportunity is open to aspiring film makers, communications majors, and media professionals. If you are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, we’re ready to discuss the idea with you.  

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BJHSG always welcomes volunteers! If you find a position that you are interested in, send us a message through our website or visit our volunteer listing on Please include the title of the position and your resume. We hope you will join us in our venture.